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On August 18, Alvernia President Thomas F. Flynn made a big splash for a great cause, with help from the university’s field hockey team.

Alvernia professors Polly Mathys and Tim Blessing take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with their First Year Seminar classes during the 2014 Orientation Day of Service!

Alvernia University Head Field Hockey Coach accepts the ALS Challenge from President Tom Flynn!

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
- Maya Angelou

Rest in peace, phenomenal woman.

Celebrate Angelou’s life by reading her poem Phenomenal Woman at

- (via thetragicoptimist)

Professor offers Cybersecurity advise

Edgar J. Hartung, chair of criminal justice at Alvernia, discussed “Cybersecurity” with a crowd of about 100 business people, students and professors from area high schools and colleges — at the World Affairs Council of Greater Reading on May 14.

"All of us are concerned with the security issues affecting our daily lives as we use our computers for shopping, banking, investing and even our intimate correspondence," said World Affairs Council President Sam DeWald.

According to the Federal government, cybercrime continues to affect both the government and private sectors, and is increasing at an alarming rate.

A highly respected professor and chair of Alvernia University’s criminal justice department, Hartung is a 32-year law enforcement veteran who served 27 of those years as an FBI Agent. He joined the Alvernia criminal justice faculty in 2003. 

Miro Liwosz, instructional media specialist at Alvernia, also presented insights about security in the information technology world at the lecture.

May 6


Weekly Thought Snack: On most university campuses, it’s final exam week, which can be both an intellectually and emotionally grueling time. I’ve often heard students ask themselves and the universe, “Does what I do and choose in life really matter?” Charles Darwin, who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection, said, “The universe we observe has precisely the properties we would expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference,” but he also said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” We all have to decide whether to respond to this universal experience of life…to respond to the changes in life that affirm our common humanity or to choose to wallow in despair.

Life is a struggle, and choosing to live a good life isn’t easy. It’s not meant to be. We are better people because of the struggle. Consider Camus when he said in Return to Tipasa, “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

- Caroline (Carrie) Fitzpatrick, Ph.D. — thetragicoptimist:

May 1
(Berks Regional Nursing - Top 10 in USA | Alvernia University)

(Berks Regional Nursing - Top 10 in USA | Alvernia University)

Hawaiian University Sued For Blocking Students From Passing Out Copies Of The Constitution


Interestingly, the lawsuit is about the trend of State universities to create zoning policies for free speech on campuses. According to Attorney Bob Corn-Revere, who represents students Merritt Burch and Anthony Vizzone, “Part of the paradox is the idea that on a state campus, the exercise of constitutional rights can be confined to a zone, to one-quarter of 1 percent of the campus.” Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, added that when he visited the Hilo campus, he noted that the free speech zone was quite distant from where most students congregated. “Telling students that they have to restrict their free speech activities to 0.26 percent of the university property and a muddy area at that would not be reasonable under any legal analysis,” Lukianoff said.

- Caroline (Carrie) Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Word(s) of the Week: Gorgonize


An archaic verb that means to have a mesmerizing, hypnotizing, or paralyzingly effect on someone in a negative way

Thought Snack of the Week: Creative Art Contributes to Awareness & Justice

Simple in design yet powerful in its message, Mankind Is No Island is a 3 minute, 30 second video shot entirely with cell phones on the streets of New York and Sydney. Using images of street people and words from advertising posters, marketing displays, and street signs, Jason Van Genderen weaves images and words together to create a visual poem about poverty, homelessness, and social responsibility.

Support the creative arts and efforts to draw awareness to issues of social justice! Since April is National Poetry Month, thought snacks for the month will highlight animated and visual poetry. Enjoy!

- Caroline (Carrie) Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.